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Check out the July, 2016 issue of Kitplanes  for a review of our H5

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Introduction to the H5

Our intention was to build the UC's good qualities into a "roomier" airframe to accommodate someone over 200# and/or 6 ft. tall. It is intended for 65-85 hp with most being built for a VW conversion engine. Tri-gear or conventional, The H5 is an excellent handling Homebuilt. Great ground handling, excellent visibility, and very efficient.

Primary objectives

  • Totally redrawn plans with much more detail
  • More pilot room (taller and longer)
  • More fuel capacity
  • 4 cylinder reliability
  • More foot room for rudder controls
  • Larger instrument panel
  • Build from plans or kit

H5 Features and Specs


  • Experimental class
  • Economical sport pilot aircraft
  • 9-21 gallon fuel capacity 
  • Designed around the 4 cylinder Hummel Engine
  • Excellent performance with 60-85hp engine
  • Tinted canopy hinges to the side
  • Canopy and heater for year round flying
  • The H5 is intended for the Sport Pilot category with                  economical, reliable, four stroke power and estimated cruise of 110-120 mph
  • Wide 6.5 ft. landing gear track for improved ground  handling
  • Detachable wings for easy storage
  • Very comfortable for long flights
  • Full size parts shown on plans
  • Very docile, easy to fly
  • Shock gear
  • Tri-gear or taildragger (conventional)

It's about time but...
An H5 kit assembly video is in production. Availability expected Fall 2014. This will be a "part by part" assembly DVD that will be a great help to the plans builder as well as the kit builder. 

This calculator is set up to find the Center of Gravity. Be sure to use actual measurements and weights when filling in the blanks.


HP (range)
Wing Span
 7.16 m
23.5 ft
Wing Area  
9.3  m²
101 ft²
Wing Loading  
3.8 kg/m² 
8.4 lbs/ft²
5.2 m 
17 ft
Empty Weight
209 kg 
460 lbs
386 kg 
850 lbs
VNE Speed
242 km/h 
150 mph
 161-185 km/h
100-115 mph
 74 km/h
46 mph
Take Off Distance
 152 m
500 ft  
Take Off Over 50' Obstacle
Rate of Climb
244-365 m/min 
800-1200 ft/min
Landing Distance
 244 m
800 ft
Fuel Capacity
 30-75 L
8-20 gal
Fuel Consumption
 11.3-15 L/hr
3-4 gal/hr
"G" Rating

Note- Specs are with 200# pilot and 85 hp Hummel Engine operating  on grass

No spins/ No Aerobatics