Quotes Hi All Well I started my UC Nov 23, 2010 and it was in the air 5 months 11 days later on May 6,2011. I built mine from scratch and loved working on it. BUT the flying was even BETTER!!! What a fun airplane to fly, and the guys at Hummel are so helpful. I have over 500 hours in mine and flew it to Oshkosh 2012. Hope we can get the skys full of this great little ultralight.............Dennis Brooks...........Mo. Quotes
Dennis Brooks
Satisfied Ultra Cruiser owner!!!

Quotes Hi Terry and all!!! Well now after flying the Ultra Cruiser for just a shade over 900 hours and loving every minute of it the H5 seems to be the next step .I started on it August 6, 2015 and Im not going hog wild building it like I did the UC because I still have it to fly. When I built the UC I wanted to fly real bad so I worked on it all the time (5 month 11 days). I got the bulkheads from Terry and the Mylars and so far am building it with OUT the beam. I have lots of parts made and have the fin spar and bulkheads E and F riveted together. I also dimpled the skins for flush rivets which is really neat looking. So will have to add more to this as I get further along. Special Thanks to Terry for his help and support on my new project . Dennis Brooks Independence Mo. Quotes
Dennis Brooks
Building the H5

Quotes After hearing, reading and watching all the positive info on the H5, I just canīt wait to get started. It is high time we see a Norwegian H5. Quotes
Satisfied beginner!

Quotes 07Jan2015 - Hi Terry & Steve, I flew the Hummel H5 N465DM a few weeks ago and it was truly a pleasure! I currently own and fly a Hummelbird and having now flown an H5 I can say they are very similar. Although I love my Hummelbird, the H5 takes the characteristics they both have to a whole new level. The controls are light and easy yet not overly sensitive It is docile and forgiving yet it's full VW engine gives it that extra power to really pull it through the sky. With the quality kits that Hummel produces and the excellent support that they provide, I highly recommend this airplane to anyone considering a homebuilt.... Tim Koch Quotes
Tim Koch
Proud Hummelbird Owner

Quotes Hi Terry & Steve, 27 Dec 2014 I flew the Hummel H5 N465DM yesterday for the first time and what a blast it was! It handled nice through all speed ranges. It was a bit breezy yesterday with a bit of a cross wind. The H5 handled the winds like they were straight down the runway. It is responsive like a little fighter yet as docile as a C-172. It is an airplane I would highly recommend to anyone considering an experimental airplane. Thanks for keeping this little gem available on the kit market. Tom Koch Quotes
Tom Koch
Experimental airplane enthusiast

Quotes Hi Terry and ALL!!! I just flew my UC today with the canopy for the first time and after over 730 hour in it without a canopy it seems like a new airplane!! I dont have any numbers yet as it was windy but I will have to get some with and without canopy. It sure seems like it flew smoother and was quieter and warmer. Sure makes you feel as if you are in a real Mustang ( P-51 NOT a ford). So get to building one guys and gals......................Dennis Brooks Quotes
Dennis Brooks

Quotes Hi Again All......It has been over 3 years now that I have been flying my Hummel Ultra Cruiser and as I have told Terry many times I can not say enough good things about my UC. I have over 725 hours in it now and enjoy flying it as much now as I did 700 hours ago. Would still love to see the sky's full of them with people having as much fun as I am. Im going to Tenn. in a couple of weeks and Im trailering my UC with me so I can have more fun when Im there helping my cousin with his hip surgery. So after reading this call up Terry and get your plans or kit ordered so you can join me having a great time in the air!!! PS I was NOT paid to say any of this....it is from the heart......Dennis Brooks Call me (get # from Terry) Quotes
Dennis Brooks
Updated Testimonial 2014