Videos (DVD):
    w/ Morry Hummel 
  (Running time 1 hr)           $18.00
  • "UC Construction & Flying"                        (Includes bonus footage)                    w/ Morry Hummel                     (Running time 2.5 hrs)      $18.00
    Tutorial w/ Bill Spring 
    (Running time 7 hrs)       $95.00

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We supply everything from plans to props, to support our designs.

  • Canopies, harness, hardware, etc
  • Construction Videos and manuals
  • Engines and engine kits. Kits are a firewall forward package
  • Formed Parts, we will sell any component part individually.
  • Materials Packages, includes sheet goods,extrusions, and hardware
  • Partial Kits
  • Props & Spinners
  • Quick Build Kits
  • Weldments
  • Template Sets
  • Wheels & Brakes
  • Wing Kits
  • Complete hardware packages